The Monster Deathscythe

Custom 3″ Dunny painted with Monster Kolor Paint for the Tenacious Toys “Monster Kolor Custom Toy Show” @ PIQ Gallery 8/16/14 in Grand Central Terminal New York, New York


Blown Away

Custom UV Reactive 8″ Dunny for “Clutter’s Custom Show” July 12th, 2014 @ The Clutter Gallery in Beacon NY

The Mundam Wing Redux

This piece was originally “The Mundam Wing” – a 7″ Munny created for the 2013 Art Without Borders show at Art Whino Gallery in Washington D.C. The piece arrived at the gallery with a few pieces that had fallen off during shipping, which luckily they were able to repair before the show. The piece sold online to a collector and when it arrived after being shipped again it was in pretty bad shape mainly due to the fact that the pieces simply weren’t reinforced correctly. That combined with the fact that there were a few of my own minor imperfections in the paint the piece was then sent back to me to repair, but by the time it arrived, the entire thing needed to be completed disassembled, repainted, and rebuilt in order to fully restore it. I really didn’t feel very inspired to recreate the same exact toy again (honestly I don’t know how many of the popular customizers out there do multiple versions of the same toy without going crazy) but luckily the collector was okay with me changing the color scheme and design. After a long while the new and improved version ended up being a lot cooler and more refined then the original. This incident forced me to start reinforcing nearly every piece on all of my following toys by drilling a hole in both the piece, and the toy, then placing a small metal bar to connect the two. This is a very time consuming process but it has proven to be absolutely necessary. Also this forced me to step up my packaging process using double boxing and other methods to ensure a safe arrival. It actually turned out to be a great learning experience.

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The Mech-Archangel

The Mech-Archangel – Custom Yo! for the Artists Assemble! custom group show hosted by Stan Lee at Toy Art Gallery 11/15/13 in Hollywood CA – Available for $300


Designer Con 2013 Exclusive Releases

My DCON 13 Exclusive Releases:

- Gunny Series 2 – Available at the Vinyl Thoughts Nation booth #830 – $100 each

- Acid Rain Series 1 – Available as part of the UVD Series 2 Blindbox series at the Urban Vinyl Daily Booth #315 – $85 each