Puddle Dunny Rustic Series Custom Toys


Josh Mayhem presents the new "Puddle Dunny Rustic Series". This second series of 3" resin cast custom "Puddle Dunny's" is dramatically different from the bright shine and sparkles of the previous "Spectrum" series.

Playing off of the "T-1000" variant of the Spectrum series, these 10 limited edition figures have lost much of their metallic gleam due to the ravages of time. 9/10 of these blind box pieces will be the "Rustic" variant, while the 1/10 chase figure will be the "Toxic Black Metal" version.

International and domestic shipping will include door to door tracking and insurance.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The Dunny shape is a registered trademark of Kidrobot Inc. Used with permission.