Los Angeles based artist Josh Mayhem gained recognition with his Blown Away aesthetic, transforming designer toys and iconic pop art figures into high-end contemporary gallery sculptures that transport the viewer to a refreshing world of wonder and curiosity. He started by simply customizing small scale designer toys but quickly evolved to create unique, one-of-a-kind sculptures with his colorful signature windswept style that portrays the illusion of motion and chaos.

Mayhem’s work has been featured in museums, major art fairs and gallery exhibitions and he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the designer toy industry. His success can be attributed to his ability to combine popular pop art culture with high-end contemporary art, resulting in unique and captivating sculptures that push the boundaries of style and derivative art.

Derived from his sculptural creations, Josh Mayhem explores another captivating dimension of art through his DRIP canvas series. Utilizing gallery-quality canvases as his drop cloth, Mayhem artfully nods to Jackson Pollock's influence, introducing a method of "organized chaos." The canvases evolve as colorful drips accumulate, coaxing intentional patterns into existence. Enhanced with synthetic resin and extra paint splashes, these artworks come alive, boasting intricate complexity, a mesmerizing interplay of floating layers. In essence, Mayhem's DRIP canvas series stands as a mesmerizing journey through organized, yet chaotic, creativity conveying a delightfully colorful array of abstract pop art.

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Josh Mayhem - (b. 1979) Los Angeles, U.S.

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